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Services We Offer

WCB Claim/Cost Relief Audits
We will review your files and decide if there are grounds for cost relief. Injury solutions staff will prepare all the documentation and present your case. Cost recovery is done on a contingency basis and you will only be charged a percentage on the amount recovered. This could lead to significant returns to your company. Costs can be recovered from any type of insurance carriers. This process does not impact your employee in any manner!

Injury Claims Management
Injury Solutions experienced staff can manage all aspects of your injury claims from beginning to end. We will take the confusing and sometimes complicated process out of your hands so you can concentrate on your business. This service can be done on a case per case basis invoiced out per hour basis or we can establish a contract to manage all of your claims for you on a full service package.

Employer Appeals
Injury solutions can assist your company in representing your company on appeals. If you have concerns on the validity of the claim, length of duration, medical expenses and wage loss timelines to name a few we can help. We will handle all of the preparation, writing and presentation of the appeal on your behalf. You will remain informed during this process.

Return To Work Programs
Injury Solutions has experienced staff in preparing and auditing your return to work programs. If you don't have a return to work program we can meet with you and custom design a program that works for you. Having an efficient return to work program can save your company significant money now and in the future. Do you know if your WCB costs are not managed properly it may cost you a contract with an outside agency? Are you aware the average cost of a WCB claim is $10,000?

Time Loss/Sick Time Management
Do you find some of your employees are missing in action and you are not sure why? Is the constant absenteeism creating morale issues? Do you notice your staff is "sick" around holidays and summer vacation? Studies show you're right! "Unscheduled absenteeism can cost up to an average of $602 per employee, per year."

Injury Solutions can assist you in solving this issue. We have an accredited HR person on staff as well as investigative services we can offer. A properly managed sick time program can drastically reduce your costs, increase productivity and improve moral.

Human Resource Consulting
Injury Solutions has fully accredited, university trained HR consultants on staff. These consultants can answer questions and help develop an HR program for your particular business. This program can be developed on a fee for service basis or as part of a larger package.

Occupational Health and Safety
Do you have a safety program prepared and updated? Who has time to keep up with all the requirements of your industry and the paperwork? Well, we do! Injury Solutions offers the following services:
  • Safety Program Consulting/Development
  • Safety Program Audits/Assessments
  • Safety Manual Development
  • Workplace Hazard Assessment/Risk Analysis
  • Workplace/Worksite Inspections
  • ISO Quality Management Systems Development, Auditing, Consulting.
We can help!
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